Daniel Bailey

Daniel BaileyDaniel Bailey is an accomplished digital and business consultant with a strong foundation in using WordPress to develop standards compliant accessible websites.
Daniel Bailey now brings his fifteen years of experience to a range of consultancy, site audit, and associated services. Whether you are a company or an individual, an online or offline business, Daniel Bailey will know how to up your game.

Daniel Bailey directs small businesses and individuals towards strategies that will bring them closer to attaining their business and personal goals. His wide array of clients include fashion and design businesses, charitable foundations and nightclubs.

He offers services including Google Analytics site audits and data analysis to help pinpoint areas to be strengthened. SEO audits will ensure that you receive optimal attention online. His Inbound marketing expertise will align your business with the customers you are seeking.

Daniel Bailey is an inbound marketing (HubSpot) certified consultant and Google Analytics Certified Consultant. He backs up his technical finesse with a passion for education and economic empowerment, which shows itself in time donated to WordCamp volunteering.

If you are in need of professional help to bring you to the next level, get in touch with Daniel Bailey at https://scarinessreported.com/contact/

Daniel Bailey Certifications
Daniel Bailey Hubspot inbound marketing certification

Google Analytics Certification