Google Analytics Audit

Our Google Analytics audit service has been created for those:

  • who worry that their account configuration is not correct.
  • have concerns about the accuracy and integrity of existing data.
  • do not understand the value Google Analytics can add to your business but would like to.
  • have an existing issue that needs a solution.

Without accurate measurement of data, digital strategy becomes no more than guesswork. To fix this we offer a few audit packages – basic, advanced and custom. All start with a discovery session

Basic Google Analytics Audit

Aimed at smaller sites that have a low traffic or want a basic health check:

  • your Google Analytics version is up to date and if an upgrade is appropriate.
  • your tracking code implementation is correct and added on all pages.
  • basic tracking code enhancements.
  • Google Adwords and Google Webmaster integration.
  • accurateness of marketing channels captured in Google Analytics.
  • if extra data segmentation is an appropriate course of action.
  • discover if required filters that exclude internal traffic or spam traffic exist.
  • internal site search configuration is tracking what people search for on your site.
  • identify goals that capture key performance indicators (KPI’s) and ensure they are set up.
  • create basic dashboards that show KPI’s for your business.

Advanced Google Analytics Audit

Our advanced audit service goes beyond the steps in the basic audit above.

Besides carrying out an in depth audit we will identify potential problem areas. We audit the site to check your account optimisation enhances your digital strategy.

We’ll take into account best practice and also what’s possible with Google Analytics. Then deliver a series of recommendations that take into account your online goals.

Custom Google Analytics Audit

We developed our custom audit service for clients with large or complex sites. It provides in depth analysis of your Google Analytics configuration and tracking set up.

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