WordPress Management

Every site needs a dedicated WordPress management and optimisation specialist to make sure the site is up to date, fast and secure. Nearly every website exists to make money and without specialist management I guarantee that without a dedicated WordPress management specialist you will lose money.

I will not lie to you even with specialist services it will not stop every hack attack or server downtime however it is about risk reduction and improving conversions via correct security optimisation and speed optimisation.

The usual way I explain why you need professional WordPress Management set up for your site and not a cheap one or even worse DIY WordPress Management is using a shop example.

WordPress Management Example

Imagine you own a bricks and mortar store and now want an e-commerce website.

In your bricks and mortar store you pay rent every month, have a contract with a security company to watch your store day and night, a maintenance and service contract to repair any equipment and enough staff to serve your customers speedily keeping them happy and returning to your store.

So what is the difference between a bricks and mortar store and an online e-commerce store?
Guess What. The answer is NONE.


  • Would you leave your shop unlocked 24/7 so anyone can break in and cause damage or steal things?
  • Would you be happy seeing people leave your shop because the service was slow?
  • Would you be happy leaving your shop broken after something bad happened?

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